Welcome on the website of Ramon jan Vet

I make colourfull storytelling paintings.The paintings are painted with oil and acrylic paint on canvas, cotton and wood. These works are inspired by the pop art artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein also its a remix of samples of art history and different media also known as appropriation art .Your attention please, Ramon jan Vet painted a special  serie  paintings  about  remixing  the famous works  of Vincent van Gogh like, Starry night, The bedroom, Potato eaters , Pere Tanguy, Auvers sur Oise, Lanois bridge, Selfportraits with pipe and Straw hat and many more by Vincent van Gogh. Also great others paintings on his website. See it for yourself .It contains questions about modern life. What is happiness, how should i deal with illness or dead. How can i make a contribution to society to feel positive. Is my aim to be true an illusion.

Can my art make you feel good. Can art make you feel to change. Change is asking yourself, what can i change in my life, in my neighborhood, in my town for the benefit for all.

My goal: Can art makes you feel good, can you be an inspiration, can you make people happy, can you make people think about changes, possibility's in life. Please support my work. Folow me on my website, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Thank you very much,


Ramon jan Vet